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Welcome to FlexiPlay

FlexiPlay is an Australian online toy rental service that gives subscribers access to hundreds of premium toys, delivered straight to your door on a monthly basis. FlexiPlay keeps kids (young and old) endlessly entertained without filling your home with clutter and costing you thousands of dollars.  Visit our Frequenty Asked Question for more information.

  • Cleaned and sanitised before renting
  • FREE fast delivery both ways
  • Over a 100 sets to choose from
  • Loved by kids & adults
  • Play with sets as long as you like. No late fees.
  • Missing pieces are replaced for free

Quick & Easy with FREE delivery both ways

  • 1. Select your plan
  • 2. Add toys to your list
  • 3. Unlimited play
  • 4. Return

Cleaned and sanitised before renting

We clean and sanitise each toy after every use using eco-friendly and kid-friendly solutions.

Cleaned and sanitised before renting