We are Adelaide based parents and Adult Fans Of LEGO (AFOL’s) who dreamed of an opportunity to try a variety of toys without dealing with the clutter and expense. After spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on LEGO and other toys for our children that are built once and then placed in a big pile, we had the idea to bring toys to parents and adult fans alike in an affordable way.

This is how FlexiPlay, an online toy rental service was born. Whilst toy libraries are a great initiative often the selection is limited and renting and retuning within opening hours can sometimes be a struggle. So we decided to offer toy rental online, with toys conveniently delivered straight to your door! We take great care in selecting quality, educational toys including a wide selection of lego for you to choose from.

Young or old, we all experience the same giddy excitement upon receiving a new package. You can imagine then that this excitement is multiplied tenfold if the package is a toy you have selected and from a range of items which would ordinarily fall outside of your price range. Imagine further that you can experience the sweet delight of building this toy for the first time and then return it at your leisure.

With FlexiPlay you can rent a variety of toys without even leaving your home. So how does it work?

  1. Browse through the toy library and add the toys you would like to receive to your list. Within 24 hours the first toy will be shipped to your door.
  2. Play as long as you like – there are no late fees or penalties.
  3. When you have finished, repackage the toy in the provided pre-paid satchel drop into any Australia Post box.
  4. Once we receive the toy back, we will resend another one from your list and repeat!

If your motives for the use of our service are for your children alone, then please indulge in the simple pleasure of observing their happiness and absorption in a new toy they have personally selected and which has just arrived in the post. Further still, we hope you can appreciate the values of sharing and responsibility that are learnt when the toy is returned to make way for the next exciting instalment. Above all, you can certainly appreciate that your money will never be wasted on a ‘must have’ item.

Imagine all this, then you can appreciate this service is the realisation of our dreams and hopefully also yours.